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Top 10 yoga retreats worldwide

Yogis (people who practice yoga) come in all shapes and sizes. Contrary to stereotypes, not all practitioners eat vegetarian and eschew the luxuries of life. Some have no problem dropping thousands of dollars on a decadent suite, while others stic read more...

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The Fire oF Yoga - Breath, Pranayama, Yoga

The Fire of Yoga

Pranayama - Breath Yoga

The human torso is like a fiery furnace, transforming energies of one form into another. As with all fires, oxygen is needed; and the more oxygen the stronger the fire. The diaphragm muscle read more...

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This article is about the induction of specific modes or states of consciousness. For other uses, see Meditation (disambiguation).

For bodily positions applied during yoga, see Asana.

1 year ago

Naked Yoga Class: No Clothes Allowed

Is your yoga routine insufficiently liberating? The yoga studio Bold & Naked in New York City is pushing the workout frontier, offering classes where yogis strip themselves - literally - of all their insecurities.

The studio offers all-male

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10 Best Meditation Apps

Meditate to keep it gray!According to a study, meditating for about 40 minutes per day slows down the aging process of the brain.

Meditation is often called exercise for your body, mind, and soul. It is believed to be the perfect stress rel read more...

1 year ago

Cat yoga: The mewest exercise trend

Typically, the Good Mews cat shelter in Marietta, an Atlanta suburb, with its bright walls and white volunteer-scrubbed floors, is home to 100 or so cats who lounge and chase and bat at the odd toy, all while they wait for humans to come find them read more...

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Body of missing DC yoga instructor and actress found, family says

The family of a Washington D.C. yoga instructor and theater actress who vanished on Christmas Day said early Tuesday that her body had been found.